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With a firm grasp on diverse techniques and materials, we remain well-positioned to meet the evolving fashion requirements. Our experienced team excels in efficiently sourcing a wide range of quality fabrics and trims from both domestic and international markets. This ensures that we are equipped to adapt to changing trends and consistently deliver products of the highest standards.


At Touch of India, quality is paramount throughout the manufacturing process. We adhere to a stringent AQL standard of 2.5 and have implemented a well-structured quality system. This system empowers our production team to employ problem-solving techniques, including root cause analysis, to maintain the required quality standards at every stage. We diligently maintain quality reports at key production milestones, providing timely updates to our clients. With our unwavering commitment to quality, we ensure that our products consistently meet and exceed expectations.


Ensuring impeccable quality standards, we employ rigorous testing methods for our products. With an in-house laboratory and collaborations with renowned third-party testing agencies such as TUV Rhineland and SGS, we conduct thorough tests at various stages, adhering to our established SOPs and client requirements. This streamlined approach enables us to achieve faster lead times and swift approvals, guaranteeing the highest level of quality for our valued customers.

Small MOQs

As one of the leading bags manufacturers in India, we excel in catering to low MOQs of just 100 units per style. Our cutting-edge design and production infrastructure empower us to efficiently handle smaller order quantities while upholding exceptional quality standards. With our streamlined processes, we ensure that even with lower MOQs, our clients receive products that are crafted with precision and delivered with efficiency.


We prioritize giving our clients a competitive advantage by expediting their products’ journey to the market. Through our streamlined supply chain management system and advanced technology, we have achieved a remarkable reduction in lead times for orders across various styles. This ensures that our clients can swiftly seize opportunities and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced industry.
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