Welcome to the design department of Touch of India! As a leading exporter of handbags, we pride ourselves on creating designs that blend global trends with India’s material strength, rich handicrafts, and vibrant color palette. Our Product Development team continuously stays ahead of the fashion curve, crafting innovative and stylish handbag designs. The Showroom Designing team then brings these designs to life, creating visually captivating displays. At Touch of India, we celebrate the fusion of international fashion with India’s cultural heritage, delivering exceptional handbags that make a statement. Explore our collection and experience the touch of India’s design excellence today!

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Our design department meticulously follows global fashion trends, ensuring our handbags are always in sync with the latest styles. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve and continuously strive to bring you designs that are fresh, contemporary, and internationally appealing.

Seasonal Range Design Development:

From vibrant summer hues to cozy winter tones, our seasonal range design collections apture the essence of each season. We carefully curate colors, materials, and patterns to create handbags that erfectly complement the mood and spirit of every time of year.

Digitizing the Creative Process:

With our efficient digital design approval system, we minimize turnaround time and ensure seamless communication. Our clients can review and provide feedback on designs made online, enabling quick & hassle-free collaboration that speeds up the development process.

Quick Product Development

We understand the importance of meeting market demands promptly. Our agile product development approach allows us to quickly translate ideas into tangible handbag designs. With a streamlined workflow and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure swift and efficient product development.